video #1

The 3 Most Powerful Pre-Flop Tells

  1. How a Players Card Check Can Communicate Card Strength
  2. The Single Most Important Moment for Poker Tells
  3. The Most Effective and Easiest to Identify Poker Tell
  4. Nonverbal Breakdowns of Real Players in Real Game
  5. The One Simple Tell That You Aren't Using
The videos and the interface make it completely immersive, and much more in depth than any poker book or any other poker training can offer
video #2

Increase the Success of Your Bluffs

  1. How to Optimize Your Bet Sizing Based on Behaviors
  2. Examples of the Most Effective Preflop Spots to Bluff
  3. Why You NEED to "Exploit" Instead of "Bluff"
  4. How to Significantly Increase Your Awareness at the Table
  5. The First Behavioral Requirement For a Successful Bluff
I am able to take down pots due to the tells I've learned to spot from watching the videos
video #3

Spot Bluffs, Extreme Strength, and Weakness

  1. Narrow the Range of an Opponent Based on Preflop and C-bet Behaviors
  2. Show You Exactly How to Breakdown an Opponents Bluff
  3. How you Can Identify or Spot Extreme Strength
  4. How to Take Advantage of the Blinds
  5. How Paying Attention to Earlier Behaviors Can Help You Pick Off a River Bluff